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The Project

Games allow us to:

  • approach difficult concepts in new ways
  • fill gaps between other clinical learning experiences
  • use the natural competitiveness of students to encourage development
  • have fun!
  • Although there are an increasing number of medical games available online, and even as board games when we tried to find a list of games we could deply in and around the clinical environment there was little available. Our students have enjoyed the introduction of activities such as ECG charades and IV bag races, and we feel that there must be others in medical education who deploy similar techniques.

    With this in mind we have set up our wiki to catalogue what we have tried and to invite submissions from other educators.


    Andrew is a Teaching Fellow at Ysbyty Gwynedd Emergency Department in North West Wales. His number of successful climbs to the top of Snowdon per year of life is 0.029

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